Learn How To Make Supervision Action-Packed!

Clinical supervision is vital to the provision of effective talking therapies.

Research indicates that 'active' supervision methods such as chairwork and role-play are amongst the most effective interventions that supervisors can offer. Yet, these methods are rarely used in supervisory encounters.

This three hour webinar will explain when, why, and how to use Action Methods in clinical supervision, and includes demonstrations of Action Methods in action.

Learn & Observe How Action Methods Are Used To:

  • Build supervisees' self-confidence and self-reflectivity
  • Help supervisees discover and develop key therapeutic skills
  • Better understand clients and address impasses in therapy
  • Explore and manage supervisee defences or 'coping modes'

This webinar is suitable for supervisors, particularly those who provide CBT, compassion-focused therapy, schema therapy, or integrative therapy.

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Feedback from this webinar:

"Stimulating and well organised. It's the first webinar I've attended and I was pleasantly surprised. The variety of training methods was great... And the blend of theory and practice helped ensure that the workshop was of practical value... Thanks for an enjoyable and thought provoking session."

"Thank you very much for the workshop... Everything was very well explained and I especially liked the modelling and practical work."

"Thank you for an inspiring and useful workshop on Action Supervision... It was a lot of fun, thanks to your expertise and warm attitude."