Chairwork Online provides high-quality training in action-based therapeutic methods, collectively known as ‘Chairwork’.

Our on-demand courses mean you can learn Chairwork in your own time – whenever and wherever works for you!

All of our courses use a unique combination of lecture-style presentations, video demonstrations, experiential self-practices, and reflective exercises to bring your Chairwork training to life. The courses also include detailed written guidance and further reading to make your learning as comprehensive as possible, with an emphasis on how to adapt these methods in online therapy.


Enrol in our courses to learn how Chairwork and tele-chairwork can enhance your clinical or coaching practice, when it suits you!

Ken's Dilemma: An Animated Introduction to Chairwork


Matthew Pugh

Clinical Psychologist, CBT Psychotherapist, Advanced Schema Therapist, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, and Single Session Therapist

Matthew has worked in mental health settings for over 15 years, including both NHS and private organisations. He is Co-Director of Chairwork, a Senior Clinical Psychologist (NHS), and Honorary Teaching Fellow (University College London).

Matthew has provided chairwork training, supervision, and consultation for individuals, teams, and organisations for several years. He is the author of ‘Cognitive Behavioural Chairwork: Distinctive Features’ and has led chairwork-related developments in many other areas, including clinical supervision, executive coaching, and the treatment of eating difficulties.

He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on chairwork and continues to act as chief investigator and research supervisor for ongoing chairwork-related studies and grant-funded projects.

Tobyn Bell

Compassion-Focused Therapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and Schema Therapist

Tobyn Bell is a Compassion-Focused and Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapist, Schema Therapist, Trainer, and Supervisor. He has worked within mental health settings for over 15 years, with a background in nursing.

He is the co-author of the book ‘Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out: A Self-practice/Self-reflection Workbook for Therapists’. A member of the training executive for the Compassionate Mind Foundation, Tobyn provides national and international training on compassion, CBT, and chairwork, and is actively involved in research within these areas.

Tobyn’s main employment is as programme lead within an NHS psychological therapy training centre.

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